Eduard Punset

Lawyer, Economist and Science Commentator

Eduard Punset

Eduardo Punset Casals (Barcelona, 1936) is a lawyer, economist and science commentator. He is a Law graduate from the University of Madrid and holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of London. He has worked as an economics writer for the BBC, been Economics editor for the Latin American edition of the weekly magazine The Economist and economist for the IMF in the United States and Haiti.

As a specialist in subjects such as the impact of new technologies, he was a COTEC assessor, associate professor for International Marketing at ESADE, president of the Bull Technological Institute, professor of Innovation and Technology at the Instituto de Empresa (Madrid), president of Enher, vice-CEO for Economic and Finance Studies at the Banco Hispanoamericano and also coordinator of the Strategic Plan for the Information Society in Catalonia.

Punset played a key role in the spanish transition to democracy as technical Secretary General for the first democratically elected government. He also helped to open Spain to the outside world as the Minister of Foreign Affairs to the European Communities. He participated in implementing Spain’s autonomous regions as Finance counsellor for the Generalitat [Regional Government of Catalonia] and as president of the European Parliamentary Delegation to Poland, he oversaw part of the process of economic transformation of the Eastern Block countries after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

He is the author of several books on economic analysis and social reflection. He is currently professor of “Science, Technology and Society” at the Faculty of Economics at the Instituto Químico de Sarrià (the Chemical Institute of Ramon Llull University). He is also the director and presenter of the scientific dissemination TV program Redes [Networks] broadcast on TVE, chairman of the scientific audiovisual content production company Grupo Punset Producciones and author of several books whose main aim is to disseminate scientific knowledge.