Sir William Atkinson

Headteacher of the Phoenix High School, London

Sir william Atkinson

Sir William Atkinson is widely recognised as one of the best head teachers in the UK. His work at Phoenix High School in Shepherd’s Bush, London in 1995-2010 was the inspiration for Hope and Glory, a TV drama about low results made good, bad behaviour vanquished and lives transformed. Still hands-on as Executive Head, Sir William is now also an adviser to numerous public bodies and in January 2010 the National College for Leadership of Schools and Children’s Services selected Sir William as a National Leader of Education. He speaks with passion about how to inspire the “unteachables” and turn around the most difficult situations.

“I knew how much I had benefited from somebody taking an interest in me at school. I felt I had a lot in common with these children, and they that deserved the same.”