Stephen Heppell

CEO of Heppell.net, Professor Bournemouth University, Chair in New Media Environments, Emeritus Professor Anglia Ruskin University

Stephen Heppell

Stephen founded Ultralab in the 1980s, moving there from the UK Government’s groundbreaking Microelectronics Education Programme. Over a score of years Ultralab grew to become Europe’s leading learning technology research centre with projects that pioneered multimedia CD ROMs and on-line communities in the 1980s – before the web!

“Ultralab is Europe’s leading leading research institute pioneering leading edge applications in support of proven educational precepts.”  Oracle Corporation, 1999

“one of the most respected research centres in e-learning in the world”  Financial Times, 2001

In recognition of this work, along with others including Damien Hirst, Jarvis Cocker, Harrison Ford, Lauren Bacall, Muhammad Ali; Stephen became an Apple Master http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AppleMasters in the 1990s.

Stephen was the guiding “father” of a number of social networking projects including *ESW in the 1980s, Schools OnLine for the Department of Trade and Industry in 1995/6, Tesco Schoolnet 2000 from 1999, Think.com from 1999.

Stephen left Ultralab to found his own flourishing policy and learning consultancy Heppell.net which now has a portfolio of international projects including:
Learnometer http://rubble.heppell.net/learnometer/ and HorizonTAL http://www.heppell.net/horizontal/

Stephen chairs the charity Inclusion Trust  http://www.inclusiontrust.org/  with its flagship project for children excluded from school by behaviour or circumstances Notschool.net http://www.inclusiontrust.org/Notschool/
Stephen was a founder board member for Teachers.TV http://www.teachers.tv/ - a Uk public service TV and broadband channel for professional development of teachers.

Stephen sits on BAFTA’s http://www.bafta.org/ Film Committee guiding the BAFTA Film Awardshttp://www.bafta.org/awards/film/ and other cinema related work.

In June 2006 Stephen was awarded the Royal Television Society’s Judges Awardhttp://rubble.heppell.net/rts/default.html for Lifelong Services to Educational Broadcasting.

Stephen is retained by a number of organisations to help with future policy and direction, including the BBC, is an Associate of KPMG, and is retained by UK government in Horizon Scanning work http://www.heppell.net/horizontal/ to advise of future directions for educational policy.

“the most influential academic of recent years in the field of technology and education”  Department for Education and Skills (DfES), UK, 2006

Stephen is executive chairman of LP+ who are currently developing a Chinese language learning community for 20 million Chinese school students, in partnership with China’s Sun New Media corporation.